In the dressing room, a full frigidaire, coffee, etc Also the musicians of Mangrove have a good taste
Belgium so a Belgium beer in the pub A picture with our Belgian friends from Prog Resiste Gilles and Pierot
Ok, ready for take of , Mangrove A very nice concert of Mangrove
The beginning of Plackband, Gilles with the didgeridoo It was so nice, another picture of him
Plackband in Concert Michel in the hotspot
Sorry, the camera was not set well Plackband all together, enjoying very much
An there is Tom Again a picture after the show with Gilles and Pierot
Here he is the king of Spirit 66 !!!!  Francis Francis with friends
After party in the hotel du Midi There is no business like showbusiness
A look out of the window of the hotel The morning after, breakfast hotel