Pictures 11-11-2006 at the Oakwood Centre in Rotherham  organised by  the Classic Rock Society

The other bands were Acre, Frost and Galahad

First thing in England looking for something to eat John is enjoying an English breakfast
The magnificent hotel in Rotherham Sightseeing in Rotherham
England here we are, tonight its gone happen A lot of work to do with four bands
I want to have like this And then there was a light
And more pictures of what's it gone be I pray everything will go right
Plackband in concert and again
and more Frost in concert, this band was a great inspiration for us, so watch the future of PB
Together with Martin Hudson (CRS), Acre, Frost and Galahad Who wants coffee, Dammes built a coffee engine flightcase
The ferry is already there, I hope we all can go with it England, You were fabulous, we drink on You