Tom van der Meulen (Drums)
He was born on 31-03-1948 in the haigue (Holland) In his first group The Mooches he played covers from BeeGees, Lovin'Spoonful and Jeff Beck.
In the next period with Silly Human Race the repertoire consists of  Deep Purple and Pink Floyd.
After that he was in a band Rocking Martin with rock and roll of the sixties like Elvis and Little Richard.
This group who was contracted by a big impresario Paul Acket, nowadays Mojo played a lot and were very successful.
Then he was asked by Kees Bik for Haemorrhoid that became  Plackband later on.
At that time he took lessons from Hans Cleuver and was influenced by jazz rock and strange rhythms.
He  was one of the first fans from Yes, his first LP on his first stereo was Yes Album.
After Plackband together with John Groen he started  a studio called Sound Design.
They did the recordings for the First of November, the mixing was done in Holland Spoor Studio's.
When the reunion of Plackband took place it was if he came home.
He bought for practising at home an electronic drums and locked himself in the basement.
The result of it was that the recordings of the drums for After the Battle took only 3 days.


Sonor Delite brillant champagne
Sonor Bassdrum  22" x 17
Sonor Tom Tom  10" x 9"
Sonor Tom Tom  12" x 10"
Sonor Tom Tom  14" x 12"
Sonor Tom Tom  16" x 14"
Yamaha Snare