Ronald Brautigam: Lead-guitar and vocals
He was born on 7 November 1956. It started when he was 9 years old and became the guitar of his oldest brother. First guitar lessons, practising a lot at home and at age of twelve his first performance at school.
In the beginning inspired by the Beatles, but in a short time there were bands like Deep Purple (Richie Blackmore) and Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page). But also underground band as Ten Years After (Alvin Lee) and The Cream (Eric Clapton) were imitated as good as possible.
The first serious band was formed on High school and was named Targus, a cover band that played songs of the mentioned groups. When the bass guitar player of Targus bought a LP of YES (Yes Album) and placed this record on the record player, Ronald was sold. This was the music he wanted to play and until now it stayed that way.
At the end of his school period he played in the school bands called Fahrad and Gentile, in the last band he met the current bass guitar player of  Plackband Albert de Keijzer.
In these groups, with Ronald 's brother Martin on drums the songs were a combination of covers from Yes, Flash and Wings and self written songs. Here was formed he basis and the experience that later on in Plackband was very useful. In 1976 Ronald was asked for Haemerroid a band with Kees Bik and Tom van der Meulen. For him a turn from symphonic to punk rock, but soon they turned back into symphonic with new songs.
Plackband was born.
In Plackband he wrote songs together with Michel van Wassem with lyrics of Kees Bik. The songs were arranged in  a group process. Then the first period of Plackband was over.
In 1994 and 1995 he started a symphonic project with Michel, it was called November. In this project were Edwin Wenke (FAF) on drums, Bob Blok on bass guitar and Karel Messemaker as lead singer.
They recorded an album called The First of November that was sold very good. Especially the single Memory was a commercial success. The band was on TV and several radio programs.
In 2000 there was the reunion of Plackband. It is possible they are going to play some songs of November.
Ronald is married with Dineke Ossendrijver and has 2 kids called Bo and Donna. Although Bo is very young he already plays the drum.
Unfortunately he cannot make a living with music so he works as a account manager in the telecom industry. This is very useful for Plackband because he does the public relations for the band.
His device is: by financial independence you can make the music you like yourself.
His favourit bands are: YES, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Coltplay and he likes Jazzrock of the 70thees His favourit radio: Arrow Classic Rock
- Line 6 Vetta Combo + Line 6 Cabinet
- Paul Reed Smit (PRS)
- Line6 Variax 700E
- Ovation
- Classic Spanish quitar