Rene Haak: born 18 april 1958

From the beginning of Plackband, Rene was there, As schoolmate from Michel van Wassem he came along to the rehearsals. Later on he was related to the November project with Michel, Ronald and Karel.
As the light engineer he is always occupied in finding new effects and stage building.
Also he designs the video and dia presentations.
Rene is a volunteer for 4 years in the Boerderij in Zoetermeer as a lightman. He did the gigs of Steve Hacket, Porcupine Tree, Spocks Beard, IQ, Procal Harum and many others.
Rene is not married anymore and lives happily on his own.
His girlfriend is working in a cultural centre, and does some pop photos.
What they also have in common is driving on a motorcycle and visiting concerts.
Rene listens often to progressive rock but also likes more heavy stuff (influenced by his girlfriend
Plackband is a part of his life and this will stay forever (so not married ??)
To earn his money he is account manager of a printing office.

SGM studio 24 scan control
6x Futurelight MH 660 spot
2x Futurelight MH 640 Wash
2x fourbar Par 56
8x FLY colorchanger
4x Griven Magicscan