20-05-2008 Newsletter  Plackband ends after 30 years , making a restart as PBII

The Dutch progressive rock band Plackband does no longer exist. Recently the band made a choice to go on without the lead singer Karel Messemaker. Michel van Wassem the keyboard player took over the lead vocals. In this formation they have decided to go on in a new musical direction. Bass guitar player Albert de Keijzer was not able to spend the necessary extra time for this change and decided to leave the band.

The rest of the group Tom van der Meulen (drums), Michel van Wassem (keyboards, vocals) and Ronald Brautigam (guitar, vocals) have decided to close this chapter after 30 years and to make a new start. At first they had to search for a bass guitar player and he was found in the person of Harry den Hartog, a very talented musician, who is also a member of the rock cover band "De Rockenjagers" Harry was looking for a good progressive band to express his musical intentions. His versatility and fabulous skills will do right in PBII! The ex members of Plackband are eager to discover their new musical direction. This resulted in the start of a new formation with a new name PBII.

The new style is a mix of modern progressive rock. jazz rock and neo symphonic rock. Very variable, impressive and surprising are reactions of people that listen to the music for the very first time. They also made a comparison with the English prog band Frost. Not so strange knowing Plackband played together with them in 2007 for the Classic Rock Society. The concert of Frost was very inspiring for them. But Plackband fans don’t worry, some of the old songs will still be a part of the set.

PBII will have their kick-off on Saturday august 23 at the Symforce II festival in “O13“ , Tiburg (Holland)
A new website is under construction: www.pb2.nl
Also you can get information on www.myspace.com/pb2nl

21-01-2007 Newletter Plackband goes on with 4!

Since the reunion in 1999 Plackband released 2 CD albums, After the Battle and The Lost Tapes. a single Remember Forever and a complete DVD/CD box Visions. The material contains a lot of old songs and a few new ones. On these albums the lead vocals were done by Kees Bik, Karel Messemaker and Koos Sekreve. With this overview the goal of the reunion is reached. Plackband ends this period with a satisfied feeling We think the time has come for a renewal.

From 2007 Plackband will consist of 4 people: Tom van der Meulen (drums), Albert de Keijzer (bass guitar), Michel van Wassem (keyboards and vocals) en Ronald Brautigam (lead guitar and vocals). From now on the lead vocals will be done by Michel and Ronald. The are occupied by writing a new repertoire. The new sound will be heavier and can be compared with the sound on the album from Frost called Milliontown. This is not so strange because we met the members of Frost in England during a festival organised by the Classic Rock Society. We were very impressed by this band and discussed their and our music in a good atmosphere at the bar of the hotel. The idea of a new Plackband was born.

All the time the first new songs are in construction. Besides always there will be old PB songs on the repertoire ! We intend to be back on stage after the summer. Not only the music will change. Rene Haak is busy designing a new show in which light-, projection and theatre elements. Special for this case the old light man Rene Boelhouwer is added to the team. He was the light man between 1978 and 1981.
Further there is also a hardworking couple Dammes and John busy with the sound equipment. We planned to buy a new mixing console for our practising room and for recording the new songs to listen and criticize them.

We will regularly inform you about everything .
04-10-2005 Newsletter 
At first the DVD recordings. It was very complicated to edit the DVD pictures. Albert spent a lot of time with it but techniques failed on him. In the mean time Michel has taken over on Apple with final cut pro. The sound recording (surround 5.1 ) are very good. Chris Muller from Hollandspoor studio's and Michiel Eilbracht from the Nutsville noiselab did a excellent job.
The next concert is in Belgium in Tournay at the Les Auberges de Jeunesse. This will take place on Friday the 14th of October. The support act will be done by Hans van Lint
After that on the 12th of November the  Prog Passion festival in de Boerderij te Zoetermeer organized by Solution Productions. At this festival there are 7 bands. Besides of  Plackband : Nice Beaver, For Absent Friends, Ulysses, Lady Lake, TeNK and S.O.T.E. Further  acts of Guus Willemse (Solution) jean Pascal Boffo (Ange) and Eric Starczan.
10-09-2005 Packband was in the Boardwalk 
Om the 3rd of septembre Plackband went to England again. John and Dammes by boat with a van full of equipment end the others by plane to Liverpool. On John Lenon Airport they hired cars and with the help of navigation stuff they drove to Sheffield. Then building up and soundchecking. With very good support of the local technician this was done very quickly. First the was  Tegwen Robers a very talented lady singer, who accompanied herself by guitar. She did a very good and atmospheric concert.
Then there was Plackband. The same set as at the Gong festival was played. Also here in England the surroundings were very inspiring, carried by a fantastic public it became a great concert. Then everything in the van and a after party. Next day to Liverpool and the Beatles museum and after that the plane home
17-08-2005 Plackband plays in old  rockcafe in Sheffield The Boardwalk 
On invitation by the Classick Rock Society  Plackband goes again to England. Not in Rotherham this time but in Sheffield in a famous place called The Boardwalk. This is an old rock café in which Genesis played in the past. This will already be the third time in the UK. Plackband looks forward to play in such an atmospheric entourage (See on their site .) The support act will be Tegwen Roberts
15-08-2005 Plackband played at the  Gong festival 
On the 12th of june they performed at the  Gong festival in Reggio in Italy. Again a gig with Koos Sekreve. After the sets of 2 Italian bands Type and Itreman and the French group Lord of Mushrooms it was the turn of Plackband. While the sun was going under and the evening fell the sphere was there for a special performance. With Koos the band is more dynamic which was appreciated by the public. The first song was an old one called Some Party, followed by After the Battle and a new song Little Minds. Further with The Hunchback and after that  a short version of The Good Earth. Then good old Blue Flashes and Seventy Warriors. The last song (ping Pong) was a French song from our Belgium friend of the Spirit of 66 Francis.
Then there was a an impressive concert by our Dutch friends of Flamborough Head and a very nice French band called Eclat with a world class bass player
01-05-2005 Karel Messemaker has been operated and makes it well 
As reported before Karel has been operated. This took place last friday. At first there were some complications. He had to return to surgery to solve some problems. In the mean time it is done and Karel is out of the intesive care. The healing can start we keep You informed.
03-04-2005 Koos Sekreve replaces Karel Messemaker at the coming concerts (2)  (2)
Dear Music friends Plackband is going to do a concert at the end of may. with their new leadsinger Koos Sekreve. A new leadsinger because Karel Messemaker get a big surgery on his aorta. The healing period will take at least a half year. We wish him all the best Koos Sekreve lives in Kwintsheul (Holland|) and is called the best rock singer in this area. Koos comes from a theatre family , teaches acting and plays in musicals like Cyrano the Bergerac. He also has his own band called Oversized. When he was young 16 he came tho concerts of PB , he never could think of the fact that he when he was 44 would be a part of Plackband. He never imagined he goes to Belgium, Italy and England with them. The long expected DVD will come out at the end of May and will be sold at the coming concerts for a special price. The following concerts are already booked: - 22 May Nederland 3 in Wateringen (Holland) (try-out) - 29 May Spirit of 66 in Verviers (Belgium) - 12 June GONG Festival in Reggio Emelia (Italy) - 3 September Classic Rock Society in Rotherham (England) - 12 November Solutionproductions progfestival, de Boerderij in Zoetermeer (Holland)
08-03-2005 Koos Sekreve repaces Karel Messemaker at the coming concerts
Plackband has found a rock singer to replace Karel Messemaker in Belgium and Italy. Koos Sekreve is the lead singer of the band Oversized, teaches acting and acts himself in musicals.
23-01-2005 Concert for the CRS moved to 3 september
Just now it is known that Karel Messemaker will undergo a major operation. It can take a long recovery time, so it is not certain that he is able to perform on April 2nd. the day that was planned for the gig in Rotherham. In good concert with the Classic Rock Society it has decided that Plackband will play on 03-09-2005.
13-12-2004 Dutch Prog Nite 2
On 19 December 2004 the second Dutch Prog Nite will be organized in "The Spirit of '66" in Verviers, Belgium. Last year the Dutch bands Nice Beaver, Flamborough Head and Plackband performed there, and this year the Dutch bands Mangrove and ........ again Plackband will perform (after many requests)! Mangrove will start the concert. This relatively young prog band has made a very positive impression with their Albums Cold World and Massive Hollowness and has a promising future.
Mangrove will play for the first time on this Belgian festival. When Mangrove will be finished, Plackband will start their performance. At the beginning people got to get used to their new lead singer Karel Messemaker, but once you have seen him you know that the band has come to a higher level with Karel. Karel's voice is very warm and expressive and resembles the great voice of the best lead singer Genesis ever had .......... Plackband recorded their first DVD album very recently and will perform some old and new songs and will show you a few new visual effects too.
So, there will be playing two excellent bands who will get ample opportunity to present themselves.
13-12-2004 Plackband to Italy
Plackband is very proud to announce that they are invited together with Flamborough Head for the Gong Festival in Reggio Italy. This invitation is not a coincident, because they are invited by their Italian musical friends from Magnala Vallis It will be the third edition of this festival. In 2003 and 2004 there were only Italian bands this year there are 2 French, 2 Italian and 2 Dutch bands. Details en preparation of this happening follows as soon as possible.
09-12-2004 Plackband for the third time toEngland
It has become a tradition, Plackband has been invited by the Classic Rock Society in Rotherham. On the 2 nd of April 2005 Plackband returns to the English podium With a little bit of luck the English have the first release of the DVD, that will be brought out at that time.
20-10-2004 Judith Nijland support act at the DVD recordings
As a special surprise it is announced that Judith Nijland is willing to play as support act at the DVD recordings. This extraordinary good and beautiful male singer will take care for a gig of half an hour.
09-10-2004 Management by Solution productions
After they have had a very successfull meeting it is decided that Solution productions will do the management from now on. Together with PB they will try to support Progressive rock in en outside Holland
06-10-2004 Plackband in dialog with Solution productions
At this moment Plackband talks with Solution productions about the management. As written in the review of Brogum they spoke freely with each other. From both sides there was the wish to sit round the table and continue the talking. Subject is working together and even the possibility of bringing under the management to Solution productions. They are doing this already for : For Absent Friends, Ricocher, Ulysses en Ange. Maybe this weekend they continue the negotiations.
26-09-2004 Plackband plays together with Fluxury and For Absent Friends in P60 in Amstelveen
It just has been announced that there will be a progressive rock night on the 4th of december in the centre of culture P60 in Amstelveen. A renewed contact with FAF and a new contact with Fluxury. Soon more about this night
25-09-2004 Review of the Brogum concert with Plackband and For Absent Friends in Zierikzee
Saturday 18-09-2004 there was a concert together with FAF. The first good thing was the acquaintance with a magnificent concert hall and the fine organization. There was a good sound and light equipment hired. Also a good opportunity to speak with the enthusiast management of FAF, Peter and Anneke from Solutionproductions. Plackband came with a good show and played for more then an hour. They played the songs they will record on DVD in November. There was also a new song called little minds, it was played brilliant and it was nice to see that the public who specially came for FAF got excited too. Then there was FAF, they were in a good mood and played very well. With a good performance the audience was very pleased. Two different styles of progressive rock made the evening a great success not at least supported by a good sound and lightshow. Special by Plackband was the fact that the old sound engineer John Groen did the mixing and he showed he is still one of the best. Supported by the lightshow from Rene Haak it was a dream team.
16-09-2004 Plackband plays this friday 18-09 together with For Absent Friends in Brogum at Zierikzee
Plackband has been asked to take the place next friday September the 18th ofCasual Silence. The reason is the illness of the Leadsinger of that group. In the Brogum at Zierikzee there was planned a double concert together with For Absent Friends, the band in which one of the best Dutch sympho drummers plays Ed Wernke. A special detail is the fact that he played together with the guitar player and keyboard player of PB in the band November. This concert is very good in the preparation for the DVD recording . At least one new song will be played
13-09-2004 Xymphonia supporting in DVD project
Again good news, also for the DVD Recording Xymphonia will support Plackband with promotion and distribution. The coorporation has still started in another way. Plackband wants to go IN Ear with his monitoring, Ron Lammers from Xymphonia took the shapes, these will be sent to America where they produce the In Ear monitors. Further the band is working hard on the repertoire, the stage and light effects. back
23-08-2004: DVD recording sound and Camera shooting in good hands<
Placband is back and working on the DVD recording. Sound and Camera shooting will be done under supervision from Chris Muller from HollandSpoor studio's and  Michiel Eilbracht from Nutsville Noiselab. Albert de Keijzer the bass guitar player will do the video editing.
10-07-2004: Sound recording by Holland Spoor Studios.
The sound recordings for the new DVD will be done by HollandSpoor Studios - the recording studio that was also responsible for After The Battle -, that's the deal with owner Chris Muller. With him there are also meetings about the DVD picture recording.
01-07-2004: Dutch Prog Night II in Spirit of 66 (Verviers, Belgium) on 19-12-2004
For the second time there will be a Dutch Prog Night in the Spirit of 66 in Verviers (Belgium).
The first time in 2002 it was organized with the Dutch progbands Nice Beaver, Flamborough Head, Plackband and November (with a acoustic reunion)  in the most famous rock cafe of Europe.
Now the concert will be done by Knight Area  , Mangrove and .......  Plackband!
We are very proud that Plackband is invited again, but not very surprised after the wonderful critics the first time. We looking forward to meet the enthusiastic Belgium people again.
This time with the new lead singer of Plackband Karel Messemaker, who happens to be also there the first time with November Was it a coincident or ???
On 19-12-2004 The three Dutch band will surprise our southern neighbours with a spectacular progshow, not in the least supported by a magnificent sound arranged by the master himself Francis Geron.
We advise you if you have the opportunity be on the 19th of December in Spirit of 66 Verviers.
11-06-2004: DVD recordings  in De Boerderij (Zoetermeer , Holland) on 19-11-2004
Plackband is going to bring out a DVD!
Live recording will take place on the 19th of November 2004 in the Boerderij ( Zoetermeer, Holland).
Especially for this live-concert Plackband will have fantastic light and (video) effects.
On the DVD will be not even the live-concert but also pictures , unique video fragments with an interview included and last but not least a video-clip!!!!
So for all of You who have visited the concerts of Plackband and of course also for the few who didn't Friday the 19th of November do not miss it !!
Plackband will have a show full of surprises!
All come to the Boerderij and become a part of the DVD.