Dammes Nienhuis; sound engineer born on February 1st, 1972.
In elementary school he was already busy with compact tape recorders. He was a DJ and motivator of bigger school parties. Later on he did the sound of the school band and projects with a drumming friend Joost Hartman.
After that he started to work with Allround Sound Productions (Vlaardingen, Holland) as a fulltime engineer.
At this moment he works as an electronics engineer with Laser Music NL BV. There he fixes and services jukeboxes that are used in cafes and coffee shops.
When Plackband was working on the release and promotion of The lost Tapes they needed a sound engineer. And then there was Dammes, at first for one gig, but later as one of the guys.
In spite of the enormous difference in age he became a very well appreciated part of PB.
Since a short time Dammes is also asked for another Dutch group Flamborough Head, the people who organize the famous progressive rock festival Progfarm.
Dammes doesn't play a musical instrument, if you donít count three accords on a guitar, but he listens to music very often. As there are Metallica (everything) James Brown (everything) Blof, Acda en de Munnik, de Dijk, the Black Crowes, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Iron Maiden and many many more. As long as it sounds ok on his Mission 78 series speakers.
Dammes is married with Eveliene and they have 2 girls, Emma and Josje. The rest of his time he is working on his house that still isnít ready and will not be for a long while.
Vacation generally consists of driving along aimlessly in a VW T3 transporter which was built in 1979.
Rockon !!!!
Apperatuur Midas Venice 320 28-4-2
mixer rack: sony minidisc Roland digitale eq multifuncding 3 DBX 266 comp/limiters 2 Samson S-gate 4 noise gates TC electronics m300 multifx en reverb Roland SRV3030 reverb Lexicon MPX 100 multi fx Lexicon Jam Man sampleding en delay