DVD recordings on 19-11.2004 at the Boerderij. pictures token by Derk Derksen

Already a link to some pictures of Chris Posthuma: show en building


Well the first part of the DVD project is behind our back. After many hours of hard work with many tears and much sweat we can look back on a successful event. The first reactions in the guestbook and via email are good and very enthusiastic! Of course we have the idea it could be better, that's our nature.
We have listened to the sound tapes and found out that the playing was very good except some little failures, it only proves we are human.
The first thing to be done is repairing and mixing in the famous Holland Spoor Studios by Chris and Michiel to produce a nice 5.1 surround mix.
In the mean time the pictures will be read at home by Albert and the biggest job will start by selecting and editing. It will take a long time, because there are so many pictures. Also Erwin will take care off the authoring of the DVD what means the graphical design and menu structure.
Then we have to select the extra's like interview, some nice or funny things and so on
To be continued......
Here its gonna happen The show is getting its form Doing some sound testing


Light and sound equipment Vjay Preparing monitoring


John and Gert Jan on trampoline Hi Jack, programming the lightshow Arie wants also on DVD


Camping life in the Boerderij Chris and Michiel surround They want to see it all Rene hang himself on a trus


Karel plays himself warm Monitor checking A lot to unpack


Photographer takes a picture for a Dutch newspaper "Haagsche Courant" It will look like this Nice that jukebox Do we like the result ?
This is how Karel is gomnna look like John looks at the first result of the podium, together with Dammes it took many hours
Michel did use his graphical talents and designed the poster

As you can see on the poster there will be a support act Judith Nijland


John and Rene are busy with the design of the stage

Dammes is occupied with sound an d monitoring

There has been taken a photo of the stage .
On the stage you see a design for the podium on it
The constructors can build it
Michel made a drawing with the stage design
and one with measures