Albert de Keijzer (Bassguitar and basspedals)
Albert was born on 14-10-1954 in the Haque Holland. He started his musical adventure when he was on high school and had a job in a snack bar and his friends came with a Citroen Avant full of music equipment to tell that he became a bass player in a band called Move-in. In that period he had tried to play guitar and piano, but that was not very serious. The band Move-in was also not very serious it was for fun and the chicks. While playing he came into contact with many musicians and music styles. A friend of him Rob Daalen took him to his first concert of Yes in the Amsterdam Concert hall. He was sitting on row 1, just in front of Chris Squire. And the fire started to burn. After that he met Ronald Brautigam who wanted to go in a new direction with his band Tarkus and was looking for a bass player and Gentile was born. They played songs from Yes, Gentle Giant, Led Zeppelin and songs created by themselves. After that he started a bookshop and was asked for Plackband. When Plackband stopped in 1981 he started  a PA and Light company and ever since he is working in the music industry. Music is for him like breathing. He got a son and enjoys being a father.
Rickenbacker black 4003 5string (CD album After the battle) 2001
Gibson Thunderbird 4 string bas with EMG pick-ups 1998
Musicman black SUB BAs active 4 string 2003
BCRickenbacker , custom moulded mockingbird body and Rickenbacker 4001 Neck 4 string , this last one is of the 70th, in1980 it was mend to assembly but the dead of the owner it never came sofar. When it came to my  posession in 2003  it was rebuild by the magicians of  ArtLine into a  perfect instrument (see the picture).
Wal Pro Bas natural 4 string originally a fretted version, in 1980 it was turned by Luthier Phillip New into a fretless neck.
II never could  playe well on a fretless (fender). This changed by this bass guitar.
Moog Taurus 1 baspendalen (2x)
Line6 baspod Pro + big pedal
Ampeg VST PRO 4 x 10"bascabinet (custom tuned)
Ampeg VST 8 x 6" bascabinet
Ampeg VST 350 Pro bas amp of Master eindversterker 2 x 400 Watt
Jim Dunlop 3.0 mm Stubby Triangle plectra